I have a first-class Honours degree and Ph.D in social psychology. I have authored, or co-authored, 2 books, 63 journal articles, 10 book chapters, and 16 other reports or articles. I have been editing journal articles (social psychology, community psychology, and human rights) for as long as I have been in academia and have supervised over 100 fourth-year, Masters, and Ph.D dissertations to completion.  I have also marked over 200 dissertations.


I worked in academia as an applied social/community psychologist for approximately 25 years. I had, and still  have, a strong social justice bent. During my academic career, I focused on researching strategies to reduce prejudice and racism towards asylum seekers, Indigenous Australians, and Muslim Australians. I am very experienced in writing and editing psychology articles.  In addition, as a multidisciplinary scholar, I am competent in fields such as humanities and the social sciences.


While I specialise in editing academic work, I am also proficient in plain writing and communicating to wider audiences.  I have additional experience in editing reports for non-government organisations to maximise their readability and appeal to specific target audiences.

Turnaround time

What can I do for you?

My editing service includes proof-reading as well as professional editing.  I will concentrate on your style; in particular, clarity, logic, and flow.  I will attend to writing, grammatical, and punctuation issues.

Turnaround will depend on the size of the project. With small editing jobs, I will return your completed edit within two business days of beginning the work.  If possible, please notify me in advance of the date you will send me your work.


My basic fee is $80 an hour and I give a 15% discount to honours and post-graduate students. The cost of the edit depends on whether the task involves minor or major work. A minor edit involves correcting spelling, grammatical, and punctuation mistakes in professionally written documents. This takes approximately one hour per 3,000 words.  A moderately complex edit takes approximately one hour per 2,500 words. A very complex edit needing a lot of editing takes approximately 1,500 words an hour. 




I am based in Perth, Western Australia, but can provide editing services to interstate and overseas clients: contact@annepedersen.com.au. Current and previous clients can attest to the quality and efficacy of my work. Referee reports are available upon request.